EDEA Project / Experimental Architecture

Demostradores Proyecto EDEAThe deterioration of the environment, and particularly the climate change, forces society as a whole, -and all the productive and economic sectors which cause it- , to a deep reorientation in production and consumption patterns.

In the European Union, building construction consumes 40% of materials, generates 40% of waste products and consumes 40% of the primary energy. These statistics tell us about a sector having a deep impact on economy, ecology and social media, ultimately an unsustainable sector.

Therefore, the Ministry of Public Works of the Regional Government has the need to develop a design and building methodology for social housing in Extremadura, in order to obtain houses under sustainability criteria, with a better energy performance and using new renewable energy resources, in addition to ensure the improvement of building quality.

The materialization of this idea will be possible through the construction of two demonstration projects with a similar housing typology to those encouraged by the Regional Government of Extremadura, to enable the comparison of real-time data between the standard model home and the experimental model home, testing different measures of sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

It is aimed to develop the project basing on energy design, reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort neither increasing associated costs.

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